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Carpigiani Coldelite Factory Profile
Carpigiani-Coldelite is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carpigiani in Bologna, Italy. It is fitting that Carpigiani-Coldelite's roots are in Italy where ice cream first evolved from early mixtures of fruit juice, honey and crushed ice. Carpigiani Company was formed in 1946 in Bologna, Italy. Their goal was to produce and market the first machine to make hard ice cream: The Autogelatiera. They were highly successful and began to develop new machines such as pasteurizes, batch freezers, and machines for hot and cold drinks, shakes, and slushes. As new machines were developed, patents multiplied. In the 1950's Carpigiani grew substantially, opening offices in Paris, France, Germany, and Japan. In the early 1960's, Carpigiani opened an office in New York. The name Carpigiani-Coldelite was selected for use in the U.S. Carpigiani's successes in research, application of new technologies, development of the organization, and the launching of new products and services in the international market has led them to become one of the largest and best known manufacturers of frozen dessert equipment in the world. Carpigiani is the only company producing and marketing a complete line of products in its field in international markets. Carpigiani-Coldelite by Carpigiani continues this tradition by offering machines that are higher quality, more dependable, more durable, have lower maintenance costs, and are more reliable. Most important of all, the excellence of Carpigiani-Coldelite machines can make your business more profitable.

Batch Freezers: Carpigiani-USA batch freezers are designed and engineered to produce perfect premium style ice cream, gelato, or sorbet. Operation is simple, quick and automatic. Touch pad controls assure great results for beginners and experts alike. Clean-up is quick and easy with built-in faucet and flex hose. No other manufacturer offers more quality, durability, and convenience.

Carpigiani-USA's two speed beater action leaves virtually no product left on the beater or cylinder wall after each batch allowing you to run from one flavor to the next continuously without flavor overlap. Low temperature capability eliminates the need for "Hardening" of the finished product.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines: Choose one of the popular "twist" models or a single flavor unit. The compact counter models produce big profits in small places. Carpigiani's floor model soft serve freezers range from a unique self-contained flavor striper to the highest production model in the industry.

The simplicity of the touch pad controls make all of the Carpigiani soft serve freezers easy to operate yet provides maximum control and flexibility.

Pasteurizers: The unique Pastochef (Pastry Chef) helps produce a wide variety of confectionary delights and food items including, but not limited to: chocolates, Bavarian cream, ice cream mixes, pochee fruit, rice puddings, custards, bechamel, mayonnaise, soups, sauces, gravies, porridge, scrambled egg, meat pie fillings, jams, etc.

Frozen Beverage Dispensers: These compact 1, 2, 3, & 4 bowl countertop dispensers are the fastest freezing machines in the industry. You will produce perfect granita, slush, smoothies, frozen cocktails, ice cappuccino, cold drinks, and much, much more.


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